Aurelio Montes (Jr.) Arrives in Mendoza to Write His Own Story

28.SEP.11, 09:58

Aurelio Montes is the son of one of the most prestigious businessmen in the wine industry in Chile. He decided to settle down in Mendoza with his wife and two children to be close to Bodega Kaiken’s subsidiary in Argentina. Bodega Kaiken can be easil ...
Wines of Argentina presented its new identity to the media in Buenos Aires. 

Wines of Argentina presented its new identity to the media in Buenos Aires. 

The new brand will now be used in all the promotional activities carried out by this organization abroad. WofA decided to rely on a strategy that aims at communicating the contrasts that define Argentina and the diverse aspects of its culture.
Tasting of wines without limits

Tasting of wines without limits

31.MAR.11, 12:10

By Jorge Cabrera
Surely, the more exciting tasting of wines was the done on Tuesday, March 22th in full range of The Andes, in the zone of the international pass "Agua Negra", which joins to the province of San Juan with Coquimbo's Chilean region. There, the height reaches 4870 meters from the level of the sea, with everything that it implies for adventurers tasters. Now, we'll relate you how our activity developed, that by routs of the wine, he promotes this border crossing.
Universal celebration, the main character… the Malbec

Universal celebration, the main character… the Malbec

30.MAR.11, 12:51

Next April 17th, we will celebrate the first Malbec World Day by initiative of Wine of Argentina. The vine-stock emblem of our soil will be the star and like that will be promoted internationally. Three key cities will be hostesses of this important meeting: New York, London and Toronto.

Bodegas con encanto

Alberto Antonini: “I dream that it will be sold a Pedriel or an Agrelo”

15.MAR.11, 19:32

Alberto Antonini is the most influential Italian in the world enology. In his first visit to our country, he fell in love with Argentina, specially, with the ancient vineyards of malbec; which express the better thing of the varietal worldwide. At present, Antonini advises to diverse wineries installed in ...

Galerias de Fotos

The Argentina Wine Award

07.FEB.11, 17:21

Is the most important Argentine competition for export wines, bringing together the most prestigious experts in the world. Every year this competition brings international attention to Argentine wines.

Cooking with Matías Aldasoro at Casa del Visitante

17.ENE.11, 12:07 shared with Matías Aldasoro, chef from Casa del Visitante, the test of summer 2011 menu, a pleasure that we take at the recently awarded like the best "Winery Restaurant" within the framework of the acknowledgments given by Cuisine & Vins magazine. Interviewed Eduardo López

11.NOV.10, 18:26

It is true that there are many wineries and many different wine styles in our country, but rarely have so many wines in the style of Bodega López and not only that, but it is also one of the few wineries that have developed products throughout most 100 years to maintain its concept and being true to their ...

Roberto González and Tomás Hughes from Bodega Nieto Senetiner.

11.NOV.10, 18:08 visited Roberto Gonzalez and Thomas Hughes, winemaker and agronomist respectively, who were kind enough to share a wine tasting and receive us with lunch at "Casa Nieto Vistalba in Mendoza, where we talk from the future of Argentine wine to the passion for the Bonarda.

Sparkling wines expert: Onofre Arcos from bodegas Chandon

17.AGO.10, 16:30

As Sommeliers from Mendoza, we are convinced that the real actors and reference of our wine industry are those who work and live by and for wine, so we had a luxury meeting with Onofre Arcos, Director of Enology of Bodegas Chandon Mendoza.